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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/23/12


MARIAL RUNNING IN OLYMPICS. Iowa State marathoner Guor Marial will run under the Olympics flag at the London Olympics

BOO 11 AM. The Cyclones have announced the opener against Tulsa will kick off at 11 AM, along with Western Illinois kickoff being set at 7 PM (yay!)

COYER LOVES RHOADS. Larry Coyer speaks glowingly of Paul Rhoads in part three of his interview with

JOEPA STATUE REMOVED. The statue was removed on Saturday with some light disapproval.

PENN STATE PRESS CONFERENCE. Penn State is getting a 4 year bowl ban, losing a bunch of scholarships (basically making them FCS), vacating all wins from 1998 to 2011. Players will be allowed to transfer and be eligible immediately. This also means Bobby Bowden is your all time wins leader once again. It's not a death penalty, but it's close. Details here.

TOO MUCH? Andy Staples wonders if this sets a dangerous precedent for the NCAA.