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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/24/12


BEST OF PAUL RHOADS. CPR was sadly clean shaven, but there were still some good soundbites from him during Big 12 Media Days. Also, interviews with A.J. Klein rocking Lattimer-esque hair, Jake Knott, and James White.

BIG 12 TO THE NBA. This week's ISU MBB feature is on the transition from Big 12 play to the NBA.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PSU. Spencer Hall wraps up the verdict nicely.

LEGALLY LIABLE? In agreeing with the punishment levied by the NCAA, Penn State admitted it was legally liable for what happened, which means lawsuits ahoy!

RECRUITING PENN STATE. With PSU players allowed free transfers, many coaches around the country are looking to add a final piece to their team.

LIFETIME SUPPLY OF WINGS FOR THE WINNER. The old Insight Bowl will now be sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings. No word yet if the invites will be delivered in paper trays.

DARNELL WILLIAMS CONVICTED. The Oklahoma State basketball player was convicted on rape charges yesterday, while maintaining his innocence.

ONLY MASCOT IN THE BIG 12 THAT CAN TALK? The Mountaineer forgets that Willie the Wildcat can probably talk.