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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/27/12


MORE THAN DEPTH. With Shontrelle Johnson cleared to play, Bobby La Gesse says he adds more than just depth to the Cyclone backfield.

A PUNTING OFFENSE. Iowa State used punts as viable offense for a game in the 1950s. I suppose we still use our punter for offense now, but usually on fakes now.

THIS IS SO SMU. A player was robbed by a hooker after refusing to pay her the $50 bucks they agreed on.

HOLGO WEARS SKINNY JEANS? Samantha Steele with some hard hitting journalism.

SO STRIPEY. Northwestern is busting out new uniforms.

IN OTHER PURPLE NEWS. TCU has hired former Miami coach Randy Shannon as their new LB coach.

PSU HOCKEY. Everyone is sick of hearing about Penn State football, but how do the sanctions affect other Penn State sports?

OLYMPICS! The opening ceremonies are today, so here's 12 Olympic events you probably didn't know about.