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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/30/12


GUOR MARIAL! Video feature on the marathoner.

BUNDRAGE READY FOR BIG THINGS. Always searching for a gamebreaking wide receiver, the Cyclones may be counting on Quenton Bundrage.

VACATION DOES A BABB GOOD. Chris Babb says he is shooting better after taking a break from the game, rather than spending countless hours in the gym.

CYCLONES.TV LAUNCH. Tomorrow is the first day of Cyclones.TV, hopefully less terrible than Clone Zone.

HEY, OLYMPICS ARE ON! A standard feel good article about how the Olympics have affected Cyclone captains.

FUN/SKILL CHART. We're a good-ish fun team to watch!

NORTHERN ILLINOIS HUSKERS. Nebraska has new jerseys and Tom Osborne is rolling over in his grave.

DYER'S GONE AGAIN. Arkansas State dismissed Michael Dyer, leaving him in search of his 21517515153th home.