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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/31/12


IOWA STATE PREVIEW. Bill Connelly previews Iowa State and there's a healthy mix of good and bad, as well as many different ways to use Rhoads in a sentence.

BUY LOW ON BADASS. Iowa State is getting a great return on their investment on Jake Knott.

MORE FIRST TEAM HONORS. Knott and A.J. Klein make CBS Sports' Preseason All-Big 12 Team.

DEPRESSING DL. Bobby La Gesse talks about the defensive line and a very sad statistic: Iowa State has 44 sacks total in Rhoads' 3 seasons. Texas A&M led the Big 12 with 51 in 2011.

DEALING WITH SCHOLARSHIP LIMITS. Good article on how Dennis Franchione and Iowa State's Jim Walden dealt with scholarship reductions... and the results don't bode well for Penn State.

CHAMPIONS BOWL $$$. ESPN will pay the same amount for the Big 12 - SEC Champions bowl as it pays for the Rose Bowl - 80 million. But it will have infinitely less pageantry/dollar.

KIRK IS NOT AMUSED WITH YOUR QUESTIONS. Ferentz had some dick-ish responses to a reporter after De'Andre Johnson was arrested for the 1st time on Thursday. Some may call him smug, but I'm greatly entertained by his answers. Of course, Johnson was arrested again 3 days later... so there's that.

THIS WOULD HAPPEN IN ARKANSAS. Details emerge about Michael Dyer's arrest and it's just a big bag of WTF.