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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/5/12


CFTV: QBS. Chris Williams sits down with Austen Arnaud to talk QBs.

DON'T MESS WITH... MESS. Courtney Messingham talks offense.

SENECA IN KUWAIT. The ISU legend made his way to the Middle East and documented his trip.

WVU IS THE PAUL RHOADS SPECIAL? David Ubben analyzes the Cyclones' schedule.

ANOTHER ROYCE WHITE SPECIAL. With anxiety fresh on Rockets fans' minds, the Houston Chronicle does a story on his mental illness.

NO MORE FSU? Jason Kirk says the Orange Bowl's new deal with the ACC means FSU would be crazy to leave for the Big 12

SO MUCH TERRIBLE, SO LITTLE TIME. The 12 worst fan pride videos.. though none beat Texas A&M's. No consideration given to Notti Boy is a little disrespectful, I must say.