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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/9/12

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EXPLOITATION OF THE RULES IS IOWA STATE'S GAME. The 1920s timeline for Iowa State football features an interesting nugget: our exploitation of the old safety kickoff rules caused rule changes.

IOWA STATE FOOTBALL, BROUGHT TO YOU BY BARTLES AND JAYMES. EDSBS does your BCS team as a drug, and we get the honor of being wine coolers.

HEY BUBU! Bubu Palo is working to get back to where he was last year before his injury.

CLYBURN DOIN' WORK. Much has been made of Will Clyburn's ridiculous scoring stats in the YMCA CCL, but Royce White claims the stats aren't nearly as inflated as we all believe... which would be pretty good news for this year.

THE MICHIGAN PIPELINE IS ALIVE! Iowa State is in the top four for another Romulus recruit, E.C. Matthews.

MY POSSE NEEDS SCHOLARSHIPS, DABO. The nation's #1 recruit is not so subtly hinting at the fact he'd like a scholarship for his borderline D1 buddy.

THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED? I had no idea Canada even played the US in U-19 football, let alone won.