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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/10/12


THE BEST LINEMAN IS BACK? According to Bill Bleil, Brayden Burris was playing the best of all the linemen before he was injured last season. Some high praise considering the presence of KO.

MARIAL NBC FEATURE. There will be a feature on the country-less runner on NBC's "The Ozone" program. Yeah, I had no idea it was a show either.

THE GOLDEN AGE OF ISU FOOTBALL? goes over the 70s, the best times in ISU football history.

NEXT STEP FOR VOLLEYBALL? A Final Four is in the Cyclones' sights.

EVERY GAME ON TV! 2012-2013 will be the first season every single basketball game will be on TV.

BOUNCE OR NO BOUNCE? Oklahoma State DT Christian Littlehead punched a girl after she accused him of cheating at beer pong.

USAIN IN THE MEMBRANE. Usain Bolt doesn't really like Carl Lewis.

FOR MY NEXT TRICK, I'M GOING TO APPEAR HUMAN. Bobby Petrino does an interview where he seems regretful and almost.. human. The Mayans were right.

THANK GOD. Dwight Howard has reportedly been dealt to the Lakers, so we can stop hearing about him staying and going every hour. Seriously though. how do they only give up Andrew Bynum?