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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/13/12


VARNER MANIA. Jake became the 6th former Cyclone to win an Olympic gold yesterday.

SCRIMMAGES ARE HERE! Getting ever so close to football season, as the Cyclones have started scrimmages.

BROOMFIELD AND MILLER. CFTV interviews Jevohn Miller and Deon Broomfield.

MORE OUT OF QBS. The recurring theme of Iowa State's offseason has been the need for improved QB play, so here's another article about it.

LANNING TO ISU. The Ankeny QB and fifth best prospect in the state chose Iowa State over Nebraska.

WTF JAMES HARDEN. Everybody on Team USA is dancing after another Olympic gold, but Harden takes it up a notch.

THIS IS WHAT CFB'S ALL ABOUT. Marc Panu gets awarded a scholarship and his reaction is priceless.

NO MORE DRESSAGE? With the end of the Olympics, here's the 15 most memorable moments.

HONEY BADGER TO MCNEESE? The former LSU star may have a new home already.

JULIUS PEPPERS WAS BAD AT SCHOOL. 10 years after his graduation, UNC has made Peppers' transcript public.