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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/16/12


SCRIMMAGE #2. Video of the second scrimmage is up at CFTV has Paul Rhoads' reaction, as well as Messingham and Burnham's take on it.

STURDY HAPPY. New passing game coordinator Todd Sturdy has lots of good things to say about the Cyclone receivers.

SHONTRELLE'S BACK! Early reports are that Shontrelle Johnson is past his neck injury and is looking very much like the old SJ.

PRESEASON ALL-AMERICA. SB Nation's is complete, with nary an ISU player in sight.

HANGING WITH MR. EUSTACHY. CBS catches up with the Godfather.

BEND BUT DON'T BREAK. We're not talking football defenses, but the best CBB coaches at doing it to the rules.

SAD NICK HOLT. Your Huskies defense gave up like a zillion yards to RG3, so now you get to replace Bobby Petrino's mistress.

JUST A FRIENDLY? Try telling that to the US Men's team, who had never won in Mexico, until last night.