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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/17/12


A DIFFERENT KIND OF COMPETITION. CycloneFanatic's Chris Williams writes about the neck and neck competition at kicker between incoming freshman Cole Netten and redshirt junior Edwin Arceo.

WHERE'S STEELE JANTZ? Only one Cyclone, TE Kurt Hammerschmidt, makes David Ubben's Preseason All Big XII Name Team.

YOU MAD BRO? Colorado still sounds bitter with the Big XII.

PAUL RHOADS SPEAKS. ESPN's College Football Live did an interview with Paul Rhoads yesterday.

PREDICTIONS. Shutdown Fullback has some.

REHAB. You can send the Honey Badger to rehab, but you can't take the rehab out of the Honey Badger. Or something.

WATCH YOURSELF GET RUN OVER. Oregon continues the reflective helmet trend they started in the Rose Bowl. Can we get that in a red by chance?