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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/20/12

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ANOTHER POST ABOUT QB PLAY! Steve Malchow writes about Rhoads' take on the QB situation. Bobby La Gesse also weighs in on the battle.

SCRIMMAGE 3. Video is up.

NO DROPOFF FOR THE SECONDARY? Despite losing Leonard Johnson and Ter'ran Benton, the remaining defensive backs are sure they'll be doing big things.

MORE THAN JUST SACKS. The Iowa State defensive line is looking at more ways than just sacks to disrupt offenses.

AIRBHG STRIKES AGAIN. Iowa State decommit Barkley Hill went down with a knee injury in practice.

CATCHING UP WITH UHL AND VARNER. The Cyclone Olympians are happy with their respective performances and looking forward to more.

RUBIN! The Cleveland Browns are heavily relying on former Cyclone Athyba Rubin this season.

TTU D GETS WORSE? The Red Raiders dismissed their top returning linebacker for a violation of team rules.

HONEY BADGER TAKES WHAT IT WANTS. Instead of turnovers, it's rehab this time.