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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/21/12


JANTZ OFF! Paul Rhoads has finally named a starter for Tulsa. It's Steele Jantz, if I haven't already ruined it for you.

UNDERRATED EXCELLENCE. Jake Varner, the understated gold medalist.

VOLLEYBALL TITLE ON THE HORIZON? Travis Hines writes about VB's bright future.

SIMS TURNING HEADS. Former Cyclone safety David Sims is making a hell of an impression in the Browns' preseason games.

MOONSHINE PARTY! West Virginia was named America's top party school by the Princeton Review.

RAZORPOPTARTBACK. Kellogg's will be creating 5 school themed Pop Tarts. Seriously.

AN NSFW CFB PREVIEW. Prevail and Ride's phallic inspired CFB 2012 Preview.

PROUD OF BEING CREEPY! Creepy Georgia fan calls recruit, brags about it.

CLOSER TO HOME, HUH? Cezar Guerrero has left Oklahoma State to get closer to his LA home. This story sounds familiar, but i can't quite place it...

CHANGING THE TRANSFER CULTURE. CBS polled coaches on how to change the rash of transfers in college basketball.