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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/22/12


NEW POLLARD, SAME AS OLD POLLARD. Jamie Pollard received a 5 year extension yesterday, with no raise (by his own accord). Probably just saving money for the end zone, eh?

EXPERIENCE TRUMPS ALL. Steve Malchow writes that the offensive line's experience surpasses any other measurable.

SAVE THE LAST JANTZ. As reported yesterday, Steele Jantz is the starting QB, and here's Paul Rhoads' and Chris Williams' take on it.

TULSA KICK MOVED. Instead of the terrible Big Ten time of 11, we're back to a nice, normal 2:30 kickoff.

ANOTHER TOP 10 RANKING. Volleyball magazine is the 2nd publication to have the team at #10 nationally.

CHANGING MINDS. One of Bob Bowlsby's major focuses is changing the perception that the Big 12 is unstable.

WHAT'S THAT SMELL? Not exactly sports related, but let's take pride in the fact Des Moines was smellier than your town yesterday.

WE BEAT TEXAS! At naming a starting QB. Hours after ISU made their choice, the Longhorns announced they would go with David Ash.

BIG 12 PREVIEW. SI's Stewart Mandel and Andy Staples look at how TCU and WVU will fare in the Big 12.

MO'S BACK. The lovely Mo Isom is once again trying out to kick for LSU.