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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/23/12


SECOND JANTZ. Steele Jantz is ready for his chance at redemption.

BEST FOOTBALL POSTER IN THE LAND! Bleacher Report names the Cyclones' poster the best of 2012, which means the athletic department will probably be promoting this award soon.

RAGS TO RICHES. You've heard a lot of the ISU volleyball team being ranked in the top 10, but not long ago, they weren't even top 10 in the Big 12 (you know, back when the name was number-appropriate?).

BLUM ISU PREVIEW. CF's Brent Blum previews Iowa State's season.

ANOTHER RB. JUCO All-American Aaron Wimberly has committed to the Cyclones.

BIG 12 PICKS. Bud Elliot picks the Cyclones for a 4-8 season while saying that OSU and TCU will surprise. David Ubben also picks the Cyclones at 4-8.

NARWHALIN' Barking Carnival picks ISU to be a Narwhal this season.

MORE NERLENS INVESTIGATION. The NCAA is expanding their inquiry on the Kentucky center.

AIRBHG GOES NATIONAL. BHGP should be so proud (or really sad) that this made the big time.

ROBBLE BOBBLE. Bobbleheads you wish were made. I'd suggest a Jason Berryman bobblehead that punches you and takes your phone.