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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/29/12


EVEN OBAMA CONCEDES TO PAUL RHOADS. President Obama gave us a new tagline yesterday, saying that "I may not be able to make a speech like Paul Rhoads, but I'll try." Paul Rhoads was amused but humble about the mention.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU BARGAIN FOR. The Tulsa team that Bruce VandeVelde (still a curse word among many ISU fans) signed us up to play is a far different one than the one we'll see Saturday.

KIRK'S BACK! You know the offseason's over when Haaland is back to writing his stat nerd-isms. No stats this time, he'll just go with five bold predictions.

WOODY UP THE MIDDLE. Jeff Woody talks about the Cyclones' rushing attack this year.

ISU READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP? David Ubben writes about the Cyclones maybe taking the next step, but with his previous 4-8 prediction, it's clear he's not expecting it to be this year.

ALWAYS THE UNDERDOG. Being favored in few games is a position the Cyclones are very familiar with.

Q&A WITH BOBBY. NewsOK did a Q&A with Bobby La Gesse, and it's a good read.

DAMN YOU ISAAC. The hurricane has pushed back my Aggie hate until Oct 13th.

THE USC BILLBOARD MYSTERY. No one's really sure why this Matt Barkley USC billboard was taken down.

THE NEXT GREAT DEBATE. We've finally got a CFB playoff, but how do we pick the selection committee?

FOOSBALL! Shutdown Fullback gets you ready for the season.