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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/3/12


MEDIA DAY RECAP. has your Media Day archive. Notable is that Sam Richardson is still in the running to start, and everybody is academically eligible... unlike last year.

GARY GOOD TO GO. The best WR for Iowa State in the Oklahoma State victory is cleared to play in all games this year.

#NOTYOURFATHERSIOWASTATE. Shane Burnham is creating new hashtags and demanding more out of Cyclone players.

LEAVE GEORGES ALONE. Niang stayed loyal to Iowa State despite a bunch of coaches harassing him.

CHIP KELLY/MIKE LEACH INTERVIEWS! SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein interviews both coaches at Pac 12 Media Days.

COACHES' POLL RELEASED. LSU and Alabama lead the way once again.

BILL O'BRIEN WOULDN'T RECRUIT PENN STATE PLAYERS. The Penn State coach thinks poaching his players is the wrong thing to do.

U.S. WINS BY 83. But also isn't trying to humiliate anyone.

THIS IS TERRIFIC. A bunch of MLB teams' social media pages were hacked by a rogue MLB employee, with hilarious results.