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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/30/12 (THE OMG FOOTBALL'S BACK EDITION)


RECEIVERS LOOKING TO STAND OUT. Aaron Horne and Chris Young are looking to make their senior seasons memorable.

COVETING THY OPPOSING COACH'S TEAM. Paul Rhoads and BIll Blankenship had nothing but nice things to say about each others' teams.

HARD TO DENY WE LOVE BEER PONG AND SANTA. Bobby Big Wheel's Big 12 preview in GIFs. (edit. the GIF in question is actually Baylor's. How does Baylor and beer pong even work together?)

FORDE RETURNS. Preseason Forde Yard Dash is upon us, and Iowa State gets props for OSU last year, and OU is put on watch this year.

DAVID SIMS DOING IT BIG. From not getting D1 scholarships to being cut in the NFL, the former Cyclone safety has always bounced back.

KIRK'S ODDS. Mr. Haaland comes up with odds on just about everything that you could possibly bet on ISU wise.

A TICKING TIME BOMB. Coach Hoiberg talks about what it's like to play with a life threatening heart condition.

HANGING WITH MR. BOOKER. Anthony Booker wants to become a team leader in his final season as a Cyclone.

WEEK 1 CFB SCHEDULE. What's on TV this weekend? A LOT. If you're looking for what FSN affiliates are carrying ISU-Tulsa, this has you covered

SOMETHING TO PROVE. The B1G only plays two top ten non-conference opponents all season, so this weekend is their chance to prove their eliteness (or lack thereof).

THIS SEEMS APROPOS. A Kentucky coach committed the most nonsensical NCAA violation ever. Though I'm sure we can find a more ridiculous one in a month.

SEC READY! Texas A&M had suspended two players against Louisiana Tech, but with the game being pushed back, so do the suspensions.

MORE SHITTY FAN MUSIC VIDEOS! SEC Bound, a country twanger by Mizzou fans, is the latest garbage to be put out.