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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/7/12


SECOND CHANCE SHONTRELLE. Shontrelle Johnson is returning from his career threatening neck injury with new purpose.

TESSITORE MAGIC. Joe Tessitore has called some of college football's craziest games. His reward? A pairing with Matt Millen. Sorry Joe.

TELEVISION CHANGES EVERYTHING. A look at how TV has influenced college football over the years.

COLLIN KLEIN BEATS THE ODDS. Cool story on Collin Klein, overcoming his lack of QB qualities to become a solid QB.

NO DES MOINES??? The Champions Bowl is asking for bids from 10 cities.

ADIDAS DOES IT AGAIN! Wisconsin's new uniforms are almost as odd as Nebraska's.

MORE LHN, LESS PROBLEMS? Texas' first two games will be on the LHN, and Peter Bean thinks this means LHN will be coming soon to all of us.