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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/10/12

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JAKE KNOTT JAKE KNOTT JAKE KNOTT. Sealing a game with an interception = just another day for Jake Knott.

"WHY DO WE EVER DOUBT YOU, PAUL RHOADS?" Kind words about our favorite coach from Stewart Mandel.

THINGS HAVE REALLY GONE TO HELL IN IOWA CITY. How else to explain this poll?

NO MOHAWK FOR WALLY. Jake Knott lost his bet to Wally Burnham after the Hawks put up their whopping 6 points.

SAGARIN LOVES IOWA STATE. It's a wonky formula, but ISU is #24 in the country right now.

ISU HAS LIKE 20 BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIPS! I'm claiming a bunch if A&M is going to claim titles they never won... and have it etched on Kyle Field.

STILL NINTH. The Cyclones are still #9 in David Ubben's Big 12 power rankings.

THIS IS A THING. Rice and UTEP to the Big 12. For reals.

DUKE IN TROUBLE? The Blue Devils are in danger of getting their 2010 national title stripped.

THE G STANDS FOR GONE. BIlly Gillispie will be fired as soon as it is legal for Texas Tech to do so.