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Prematuring With Podolak - A History Of Great Predictions


Ed Podolak is a man of many talents. He was a very good running back, a true romantic, and is currently serving as the Hawkeyes' color commentator. What you probably didn't know about Ed, is that he is also a successful psychic. Here are some of his noted predictions.

2/13/1979 - "VHS will never beat out BetaMax."

6/23/1993 - "Hammer pants are never going out of style."

9/14/2002 - "This game is over. See you at the postgame party."

10/01/2002 - "There's no way Pierre Pierce raped that girl."

1/02/2003 - "C.J. Jones just took the Orange Bowl kickoff to the house? How could we possibly lose?"

9/04/2005 - "We just kicked the shit out of Ball State 56-0. No way we lose to Iowa State."

9/30/2007 - "Jake Christensen is the best quarterback at Iowa since Chuck Long."

10/23/2009 - "Mark my words, that Brandon Wegher kid will be an all time Hawkeye legend."

4/27/2010 - "Fred Hoiberg? That guy is going to be a terrible coach."

2010, 2011, 2012 - "Iowa's running back depth this year is second to none."

9/08/2012, 1:17 left in game -