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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/11/12

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FIELD LEVEL AWESOME. Jake Knott's INT is even more impressive from field level.

FOR YOUR TROUBLES. Knott was named the Big 12 defensive player of the week.

OFFENSE NEEDS TO CLOSE. Paul Rhoads is drilling a closing mentality into the offense.

THE LEGEND GROWS. The coaching aura of PR grows with every win.

LB COMMITMENT. Florida linebacker Brian Mills has committed to the Cyclones without a visit.

IOWA STATE #3? The Colley Matrix has Iowa State #3 in the country. Of course, it also has us above Alabama, so a grain of salt is needed with this.

LITTLE BIG PLAYS. Kirk Haaland goes through the underappreciated plays in Saturday's victory.

HAZZLE DAZZLE WITH HAWKEYE RADIO. We just made fun of Ed Podolak's premonition, but Chris Hassel beat us to it on Sound OFF.

MUST SEE GIF. John L. Smith tempts fate in a vehicle form of ULM.

ALL ACCESS TO A BEATDOWN. Steven Godfrey goes all access with Western Kentucky as they prepare for Alabama.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE BIG TEN? Bill Connelly looks at the nation's biggest underachievers.

NOBODY LIKES BILLY. Texas Tech's leading scorer says he doesn't want Gillispie back.