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BlogPoll Top 25: Week 2 Results

All your suggestions were taken to heart, and it resulted in Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, and Michigan State being dropped out of the Top 25, with UCLA, Arizona, and Mississippi State replacing them. The other real change was Kansas State getting a jump to top 10 status.

For analysis of the overall results, Andy Hutchins has what you're looking for. It's nice to see the aggregate poll also give Ohio a nod, but also a total WTF to West Virginia dropping 3 spots for no real reason. It's not like there were a lot of impressive teams below them last week.

Iowa State is now at 7 votes in the Top 25, with the high at #14 from Blatant Homerism and Tomahawk Nation. Of course, this may be Tomahawk Nation Manager Bud Elliott's way of apologizing for telling SB Nation readers to take Iowa -4 last week. Also notable is BHGP throwing a #19 vote Iowa State's way while probably simultaneously asphyxiating himself.