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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/12/12


ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT EVERYWHERE. Paul Rhoads talks about changes he needs to see, and the first Iowa State game exclusively on Cyclones.TV.

PR LIKES TROY DOUGLAS. Rhoads has kind words for Troy Douglas and the passion he's brought to coaching the secondary

WAY BETTER AT FOOTBALL THAN BABE. Durrell "Pig" Givens is making his senior season one to remember.

JUST LIKE LAST YEAR. The Big 12 is still the best and deepest conference in college football.

SUMLIN AIN'T HAPPY. He's accusing Florida players of staying down and exaggerating injuries to slow down A&M's pace.

SHUTDOWN FULLBACK DOES DRAGON CON. Yeah, this really happened. It's worth a watch for Orgeron-bot at 4:05 alone.

NUMERICAL IS TALKING JANTZIAN. Oh, the sad sad turnovers from Saturday.

BIG TEN ADAPTATION. The B1G should look to the Pac 12 for inspiration on changing to the current landscape of college football.

IOWA SCHADENFREUDE. You almost feel sorry for those bastards to the East. Almost.

MEANWHILE, IN CF LAND... Some guy thinks our Big Ten Network rigging the Cy-Hawk game story to be real, which is somewhat understandable, but the guy that jumps in after 4 pages of people making fun of the original poster is just... wow.