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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/13/12


CYCLONE.TV'S BIG DEBUT. Steve Malchow writes about how what started with Tyler Rutherford's ambitious project to televise last year's Missouri game culminates in the first airing of a game on Cyclones.TV this Saturday.

MORE FACILITIES. Iowa State Wrestling is getting a revamped training room in the Lied Recreation Center. It's not the shiny new building that football is getting but more room and new video techniques will surely aid Coach Kevin Jackson.

ACCOUNTABILITY. James White and Steele Jantz were both accountable for the fumble inside Iowa's 10 yard line this weekend. According to Paul Rhoads, that's a big step in the right direction.

MOAR HOLGOLOL. West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgorsen has some enlightening words about Marshall.

ALL ABOUT THE GAYZ. A JUCO linebacker talks about being dismissed from his team because of his sexual orientation and Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has his own words for a Maryland legislator.

FAKE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. Despite what Mark Farley says about Iowa being the best team in the state, this weekend's match up of Purple Hawks and Cy-Hawk Runner Ups puts Iowa on upset alert.

MOAR HOOPS. The new television deal may have made headlines for football, but it's basketball that will benefit significantly from it.

ISU ENDED ANOTHER CAREER. Jim Calhoun's last game as a head coach was a loss to Iowa State in the 2nd round of the 2012 NCAA Tournament as he announced his retirement yesterday.

SHUTDOWN FULLBACK. Week 3. Watch it now.