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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/14/12

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ARNAUD'S KEYS TO VICTORY. Austen writes about the 5 things Iowa State has to do to win against WIU, and it's not just 5 bullet points of "show up".

LISA UHL'S HOMECOMING. The Cyclone Olympian is moving back to Ames to train and work as a volunteer assistant coach.

SCOUTING THE CYCLONES. NE Patriots Draft scouts the players in the Iowa State-Iowa game and has some very kind words for Jake Knott.

MORE THAN ONE CAMERA! Cyclones.TV is a major upgrade from Clonezone, which sometimes broadcast games with a single camera.

KENNY V HATES ON DKR. The Texas safety says he likes playing on the road more than at home because DKR "just doesn't get loud."

TIER THREE DEALS! Oklahoma, TCU, and Texas Tech have reached deals with FSN for tier 3 rights.

VIDEO IS CHANGING THE GAME. SB Nation's All-Access look at how video is influencing the sport at Nebraska.

LATER IOWA STATE. I'm going to be a Portland State fan now.

CALM UNDER FIRE. An in-depth look at the trainer that worked during the near death experience for Tulane safety Devin Walker.