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BlogPoll Top 25: Week 3 Ballot

Help us Oregon, you're our only hope (of avoiding an SEC National Championship FAPfest). It's looking inevitable once again... LSU vs. Alabama again for the National Championship.

Everybody gets the obligatory bump with USC's loss, with Florida State getting the 2 spot bump for their annihilation of Wake Forest. West Virginia has played very weak competition, but it's hard not to be impressed with them right now. For those who haven't seen the Mountaineers play, all you need to know is that Geno Smith is terrifyingly good. Our Big 12 Longhorn overlords received a 3 spot bump for destroying Ole Miss in Oxford, jumping Kansas State, who had to hold on to beat Dan McCarney's feisty North Texas squad.

The Big Ten had yet another terrible week, as Michigan State fell to Notre Dame, while Ohio State needed a missed FG to beat mediocre Cal at home.

And as for #25 on the ballot... why not?