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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/17/12


NEBRASKA UPSET RECAP. has your video highlights from the volleyball upset over #1 Nebraska.

SENIORITIS IS GOOD. Paul Rhoads is happy with the fact he finally has a bunch of seniors playing key roles on his team.

WIDE RECEIVER COMMIT. Texas WR Bryan Ajumobi has committed to the Cyclones. He also had offers from Washington, Air Force, and Navy.

WIU HIGHLIGHTS. If you weren't able to catch the game, CFTV has your highlights.

IT IS A SUPER BOWL, AFTER ALL. UNI fans flooded into Iowa City this weekend and the resulting mass of fans caused a pretty fantastic police report. Highlights include a guy who tried using a window as an entrance to the hospital (at least he knew he needed help) and a girl who passed out in the women's restroom while shitting herself.

HEADING FOR THE REMATCH. Early BCS calculations say we're not likely to avoid the rematch of the rematch.

HOW BAD DO YOU WANT BOBBY BACK? Arkansas fans would probably let Bobby Petrino take a bike ride with their own daughters at this point.

FOOTBALL OVER LAWYERING. Instead of half assing it like the countless lawyers turned bloggers out there, West Virginia's Daron Roberts gave up a promising law career to get into football

UTAH WINS REPEATEDLY. The less Mormony school of the two had to win the game repeatedly to finally put down BYU.