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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/19/12


NOT THE SAME JANTZ? It might look like Steele is the same guy that keeps turning the ball over, but Kirk Haaland writes that he's actually getting better.

TROY DOUGLASTRADAMUS. The ISU DB coach saw the success of the secondary coming.

MOVIN' ON UP. Iowa State moves from #81 preseason all the way up to #34 on Pre-Snap Read's week 4 re-ranking.

CROSS ANOTHER OFF THE LIST. Winning against Nebraska was on Christy Johnson-Lynch's "list', but them being #1 was extra nice.

AIRBHG NEVER SLEEPS. Sleep with one eye open, Mark Weisman.

AND THIS WASN'T EVEN THE WORST THING THE REPLACEMENT REFS DID. LeSean McCoy says a ref told him that he needed him to do well for his fantasy team.

KEG STAND GRANNY. This 83 year old LSU fan can still party with the best of em.

SHUTDOWN FULLBACK. Watch Jason and Spencer preview the games you'll be watching because the Cyclones don't play this week.

MACTION MACTION MACTION. Your favorite mid-week WTFball is back with Kent State vs. Buffalo!

BIG 12 POWER. The Big 12 looks stronger than ever right now, writes Tim Griffin of