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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9-21-12

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NO MORE ASTERISKS. Steve Malchow provides some data on Iowa State's non-conference attendance past and present. The data is slightly startling.

UPWARD MOMENTUM. Christy Johnson-Lynch's volleyball team tries to capitalize on the momentum gained from upsetting previously #1 ranked Nebraska last Saturday.

FENNELLY ALWAYS WORKING. The Ames Tribune highlights the busy recruiting weekend for the women's basketball team. One has to wonder, what exactly do basketball recruits do when they visit on a football bye week?

TEABAGGING. Phil Simms does it to himself. If only this would happen more often.

VINCE YOUNG IS BROKE... AND FAT? He did it all by dropping $5K/week at The Cheesecake Factory.

JOHN L. SMITH IS BROKE TOO! A bad season gets worse for John L. Smith as he files for bankruptcy and lists only $800 to his name.