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Sunday Morning Coming Down

NORMAN, OK - SEPTEMBER 22:  Bill Snyder laughs at your petty "temporal causality," mortals. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
NORMAN, OK - SEPTEMBER 22: Bill Snyder laughs at your petty "temporal causality," mortals. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
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A recap of the previous Saturday's high and low points, since most of us blacked out due to laughing so hard at Iowa yesterday that we ended up hypoxic for a short time.


Run the option with Landry?

I feel bad for you son.

He's got 99 skill sets

But the pitch ain't one.


Other than that, the usual happened. Landry Jones turned into Cody Green circa 2009, Bill Snyder walked into Norman, Oklahoma with a pre-WWII offense and walked out a top 10 team. Heads up, because suddenly their Oct. 20 showdown in Morgantown is looking like it might decide the conference race.


Holy mother of god, this actually happened. Central Michigan, in the last minute of the 4th quarter, scored a touchdown, missed the potential tying two point conversion, recovered an onside kick after completely giving away the play just moments before and recovering to set up a game-winning career long Field Goal. Which made these happen:



Any time the Venn diagram for "Charismatic, outmatched college football underdogs" and "Rivals losing in an embarrassing fashion to inferior competition" are one solid circle, I'm a happy guy.

HAZARDOUS MATERIAL ALERT: Do not head over to the forums without donning some sort of asbestos-lined full body suit. They are on threat level: Johnny Walker Red Label over there. You have been warned.

Now, of course, Iowa will sucker-punch a mediocre legends division and meet a Ball-less Wisconsin in the B1G title game. It would be the most Ferentz-ian thing in the world - to go 2-2 in non-conference play to mostly inferior competition and somehow end up within a game of the Rose Bowl. College Football: Stranger than Fiction.

Other Big 12 Games:

Baylor 47, ULM 42 - Louisiana Monroe is far better than their 1-2 record suggests, nearly taking down Baylor and Auburn in back to back weeks after dispatching Arkansas. Baylor pulled away at the end, but the whole nation was treated to some good ol' home cookin' on Friday night.

No more home-and-homes with Sun Belt teams, Baylor. You're gonna end up making us look bad like Kansas did. Speaking of which...

Northern Illinois 30, Kansas 23

Kansas lost to a directional midwest team that lost to Iowa. And will all due respect to the fine gentlemen over at Red and Black Attack, but this shit is the reason we make fun of you, Kansas. This and the track around a D-1 football field. But mostly this.

TCU 27, Virginia 7

I watched most of this game, and the two things I took away were this:
1) TCU's south endzone is pretty badass looking.

2) Pachall vs. Knott is going to be a very interesting matchup, and I'm a little queasy when I think about who will come out ahead in that one.

West Virginia 31, Maryland 21

Don't panic. Holgo was just bored and wanted to see what winning a close game was like. He did not enjoy the taste or the sensation and will go back to blowing out opponents starting with Baylor next week.



Others receiving votes: Northwestern 89, UCLA 79, Michigan 44, Ohio 40, Virginia Tech 26, Arizona 17, Iowa State 16, Wisconsin 13, Oklahoma State 12, Texas A&M 11, Texas Tech 10, Cincinnati 10, Tennessee 10, Arizona State 8, Louisiana Tech 7, Purdue 5, Miami (FL) 1