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BlogPoll Top 25: Week 4 Ballot

Michael Chang - Getty Images

Is this the year Florida State is finally back? After a couple of years of looking good until their first tough matchup, the Seminoles put away Clemson a week after demolishing Wake Forest. They might join Oregon, LSU, and Alabama in the elite tier in the running for the National Championship.

In the Big 12, Kansas State now leads the Big 12 in my proposed ballot after their win at Boomer Sooner central. West Virginia received a slight drop for looking average at times against Maryland. Lots of time for the Mountaineers to improve their position though.

Oregon State, Northwestern, and Rutgers all enter the ballot with undefeated records, while Arizona, Michigan, and UCLA leave. Northwestern sits at 4-0 while TCU and KSU are the Big 12 co-leaders. Purple power?