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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/24/12

A collection of links on Iowa State, sports, and other random things around the Internet.

A SUMMER DAY WITH JAKE AND A.J. Cyclones.TV spent a day with Klein and Knott at the Ames Golf and Country Club.

GAMEDAY CENTRAL TTU. A reminder from ISU that with volleyball going on at noon, some public lots will not be available.

BREAKING DOWN WITH A ZODIAC. Double T Nation (soon to be Viva The Matadors) is breaking down ISU in zodiac terms.

NEW OL COMMIT. The Cyclones were off this weekend, but they received a grayshirt commit from an in-state lineman.

SHUTDOWN FULLBACK RECAP. Yeah, they hit on KSU-Oklahoma and want to brag about it.


STILL ALIVE! Iowa State is one of 36 teams alive for the BCS national championship!

IOWA GAME OR RAINFOREST CAFE? Central Michigan's announcers were hilariously homerish with their hooting and hollering during the Chippewa's upset? of the Hawkeyes.

DENARD IS SORRY. After throwing for 4 picks against Notre Dame, he apologizes to everyone.

OU COLLAPSE? Jake Trotter writes that OU needs to improve quickly to avoid a disaster of a season.