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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/27/12

A daily collection of links about the Cyclones and sports in general.

WE'RE CHANGING COLLEGE BASKETBALL! Jeff Borzello writes about how Fred Hoiberg's successful transfer experiment has changed perception around the country.

THE NEXT HURDLE. A win on Saturday would go a long way in helping Iowa State take the next step towards national prominence.

ATTACKING THE CYCLONES. Viva The Matadors looks at the best ways to attack the Cyclones on Saturday.

UBBEN'S STILL NOT DIGGING US. He's picking Texas Tech to beat Iowa State by a fairly large margin, 41-28.

VOLLEYBALL COMING BACK DOWN. The ladies dropped to 1-1 in Big 12 play after losing to Kansas, 3-2.

OSU IS THE OREGON OF THE BIG 12. Building into their 13 uniform variations last year, they're busting out the camouflage against Texas.

TARP! The Smoking Musket is already making fun of TARP before ever playing a Big 12 game.

WE FOUND WINS IN A SPEED-LESS PLACE. The Big Ten has fallen on hard times, with an ineligible Ohio State program possibly the cream of the crop.

THESE BOWL GAMES ARE JUST GETTING CONFUSING NOW. The Pac 12/Big 12 winner/replacement will play the champion/replacement of one of 5 conferences.

BILL SNYDER SCREWS EVERYTHING UP. The Numerical is usually dead on, unless you factor in The Wizard.

SHUTDOWN FULLBACK IS BORED. They're extra ADD this week, given the rather boring slate of games.

THE REFS ARE BACK! The regular NFL refs have agreed to a deal, which means we'll love them for about a half of football before returning to bitching.