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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/28/12

A daily collection of links about the Cyclones and sports in general.

MOAR RUSHING YARDS. Iowa State is averaging 175 yards/game on the ground, but Paul Rhoads wants more.

WE GOT NERDS! Carter Bykowski has been named as one of 147 (wow) semifinalists for the 2012 William V. Campbell Trophy, awarded to the best football scholar-athlete in the nation.

MORE JANTZES. Steele Jantz won the QB job again, but he's trying to keep it this time.

GOING TO CLASS PROBABLY HELPED THE MOST. Jerome Tiller is spotlighted along with KSU's Jessie Tuggle as two players who really benefited from a position change.

F+ IS PICKING TTU. Nothing new for the Cyclones, as most prognosticators would have them at 1-2 on the season.

GOT A LOT OF MONEY TO DONATE? Then take this tour of Jack Trice Club, and see your future seats.

BE AN IOWA STATE FAN. Chris Mahr makes the case to become an Iowa State fan if you don't already have a rooting interest.

NO MORE K-STATE? Kansas State would like to be known as their full name from now on. It's like the bizarro Jamie Pollard runs things down there.

BE NICE, MOUNTAINEERS. On the eve of their first Big 12 home game, WVU AD Oliver Luck wants the fans to play nice. Given it's Baylor coming in first, this might be a good idea.

DAN MULLEN IS THE NEXT JOEY CHESTNUT. The Mississippi State coach won a local wing eating contest. We really need to invite him to one of our wing challenges.

DOES HE HAVE ANY ELIGIBILITY LEFT? Washington's band director made a nice grab after a field goal last night.

INSIDE NEBRASKA. A video tour of Nebraska football, where iPads are all the rage.

REVENGE OF THE BHGP. An interesting spin on Peter Jok's commitment to Iowa.

NFL REFS ARE BACK. And LSUFreek is still winning the internet with his GIFs.