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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/3/12

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JANTZ ANSWERS HIS CRITICS. One game into 2012, Steele is making Paul Rhoads look smart.

NEW SHONTRELLE, SAME AS OLD SHONTRELLE. Running with authority and little hesitation.

FACILITIES ARMS RACE. Iowa and Iowa State aren't just competing on the field. Andrew Logue looks at the battle off the field between the two schools.

GREATEST GAMEDAY SIGN EVER! And no, that is not me.

BIG 12 COMMERCIAL! All the Big 12 coaches!

UNDEFEATED. A perfect start in the Bowlsby era. Here's your recap of all the games.

UBBEN MIGHT LIKE US. He gives Steele Jantz and the team some solid props, but also throws out some negative awards Iowa State's way.

ONLY 84 POINTS! Oklahoma State rolled up 84 points on Savannah State. and John Hoover lectures them on scheduling such a weak opponent.

WORST WEEK EVER. Houston's offensive coordinator has been fired after just one week for losing to a 34 point underdog.

LOOKS LIKE AN SEC/PAC12 NATIONAL TITLE. Andy Hutchins says the quartet of LSU/Oregon/USC/Alabama are a cut above the rest, and it's hard to disagree with him.