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Texas Tech @ Iowa State Recap: SO MANY READ OPTIONS

The Cyclones are no longer undefeated as they fall to the Texas Tech Red Raiders 24-13.

Reese Strickland-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Iowa State's defense kept them in the game, but the offense was too inept to pull out a win. It's hard to pin the blame for the offensive output (or lack thereof) on one thing. Steele Jantz finished the day with 73 yards passing total, which is probably what Geno Smith calls one good drive. Jantz compounded the lack of yardage with 3 interceptions and one of the most ridiculous fumbles I've ever seen. Of course, the offensive line was continually getting manhandled, resulting in Jantz, Shontrelle Johnson and James White all running for their lives with barely any daylight or protection. The third part of the trifecta of offensive woes was the playcalling. The ghost of bizarro Barney Cotton came back to town and forced the Cyclones to run read option after read option, with a turnover as a rare treat.

On the bright side, the Iowa State defense was once again fantastic, making Seth Doege extremely uncomfortable in the pocket and knocking down passes, highlighted by A.J. Klein's 87 yard interception return TD. Unfortunately, no defense can hold up to being on the field as the offense produces 3 and out after 3 and out, and we saw their fatigue show through in the end.


Vent away.