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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/4/12


AJ KLEIN HATES IOWA SHIRTS. AJ is not a fan of Iowa (or any other school's) fans wearing their tshirts on campus in Ames. Good ole fashioned hate.

CFTV TALKS IOWA WEEK. Both the offense and defense are featured by CycloneFanatic.

OPENING GAMES ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT. Says Paul Rhoads. Good thing we didn't lose to Tulsa.

SIMS IN PHILLY. A nice article from the Eagles about the hard work David's put in to get to where he's at.

THIS IS ADMIRABLE HATE. Michigan State players watch Michigan get annihilated by Alabama and make fun of Denard Robinson.

SHUTDOWN FULLBACK.. IN SEASON. Instead of just talking about inappropriate stuff, there's games for Shutdown Fullback to review (with lots of inappropriate stuff as well).

TYRANN'S BACK. His father says he is enrolling at LSU again, but just as a student.

THIS SEEMS FAMILIAR... Mississippi State had some issues with their fog machine.