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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/5/12


A CONFIDENT KICKER? Edwin Arceo is so confident, Paul Rhoads couldn't even rattle him. Not going to comment on this at all for fear of jinxing. The fact he's a HS QB is also notable given our coach's penchant for trick plays.

KIRBY TAKES BIG 12 SPECIAL TEAMS POTW. Dropping 5 punts inside the Tulsa 20, with 3 inside the 10 will tend to gain you some recognition.

LEONARD MAKES THE CUT. Leonard Johnson avoids cut day, and is now on the final roster for his hometown team. This might not make up for going undrafted, but it's a start.

MOTIVATIONAL MATERIAL? Marc Morehouse reports that the Hawks have this pasted on the Hayden Fry football complex. Here's Micah Hyde checking above picture out.

TRENCH WARFARE. The battle on Saturday will be won in the trenches, writes Bobby La Gesse.

MCHALE ON ROYCE. Kevin McHale comments on how his rookies will transition to the NBA, complete with the revelation he doesn't really care what position White plays.

ISU NUMBER 1! We're still alive in Jason Kirk's BCS eliminator!

WHERE'S STEELE? Geno Smith and Le'Veon Bell lead Bill Connelly's Heisman watch.

BAMA JUMPS USC. Southern Cal somehow dropped a spot in both polls after winning by 39. And Oklahoma somehow remains above Oregon in the AP Poll despite an underwhelming performance against UTEP.

AGGIE COCKINESS. Our favorite Big 12 traitors are back at it again, putting up a series of billboards in various SEC towns. The university has distanced themselves from the billboards.

AUBURN'S IMAGE PROBLEM? Bud Elliot wonders if Auburn's recent problems will hurt them in the recruiting game. You know, more than Gene Chizik's integrity already does.

IS HE ACTUALLY WRONG THOUGH? Notre Dame radio analyst Allen Pinkett was suspended for his comments about how "not all of their players could be choirboys".

THE ALPHABETICAL'S BACK! Spencer Hall's weekly recap is back for 2012 and always worth a read.