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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/7/12

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THE GAP IS CLOSING. Mike Hlas writes that Iowa State and Iowa aren't far apart, geographically or football-wise.

IMPROVED D-LINE DEPTH. While Iowa State doesn't have blue chippers on the defensive line, their improved depth makes them much more effective.

REDSHIRTING JUCOS PAYS OFF. Paul Rhoads says redshirting some of his JUCOs was vital in their development.

UHHHHHH, WHAT? Bubu Palo is expected to turn himself in today on a sexual assault charge.

IOWA NEVER CHANGES. Wally Burnham says that despite the personnel changes for the Hawkeyes, Ferentz ball will reign supreme at Iowa.

WEEK 2 PICKS. Bud Elliot makes his picks for the week, and he is picking against Iowa State.

CELEBRATE! After months of this being "almost done", Big 12 Directors unanimously approved the media rights deal, valued at $20 million per school.

TCU'S FIRST GAME. The task of proving themselves in a major conference begins in a renovated stadium this week.

JOHN CLAYTON ROCKS OUT. The best Sportscenter commercial. Ever.