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BlogPoll Top 25: Week 2 Ballot

A reminder that this year's BlogPoll is a community vote, and your opinions are very welcome in the comments. My ballot can and will be adjusted before Tuesday morning's deadline to reflect those opinions.

After the all weekend brainwashing ESPN did about SEC superiority, I finally swapped USC and Alabama at the top. Seriously though, it looks like USC is losing their All-American candidate at center for a while, and they waited until fairly late to put a very mediocre Syracuse team away. Alabama conducted business as usual.

Arkansas' loss to Louisiana Monroe was the big shocker of the weekend, but the Big Ten had the worst weekend as a whole. At this point, it seems like it's MSU and OSU and everyone else. Nebraska and Wisconsin lost to unranked Pac 12 teams, while Michigan looked terrible again, but managed to win.

The Big 12 took a big loss this weekend, with Oklahoma State falling to Arizona while you were probably asleep. Other than that (and Kansas obviously, but that's expected), the conference remains undefeated. Oklahoma had no problems like they did last week, Kansas State looked VERY sharp in beating a Miami team that is a shadow of its former self, TCU annihilated Grambling, while Texas blanked New Mexico 45-0.

The lone new entrant this week to my ballot is Florida, who I dropped Nebraska for after an impressive come from behind victory against Texas A&M in College Station.