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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/10/13

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HEARTBREAK IN LAWRENCE. Iowa State was all ready to come away with a win at Allen Fieldhouse, until Ben McLemore threw in a banked three to send the game to OT, where the Jayhawks prevailed 97-89.

SHOULD WE HAVE FOULED? The hot topic today is if we should have fouled up 3, but Fred Hoiberg does make a convincing argument that not fouling was the correct move.

OH THE PAIN. Brent Blum writes about how last night's game is pretty much the perfect example of Cyclone pain.

IT COULD BE WORSE? Our next opponent, Texas, lost the game in OT after blowing a 10 point lead with 3:35 left.

DOUBLE SAD. The women were crushed by the Baylor Lady Bears, 67-39.

IT'S ON YOU, ROYCE. Bobby La Gesse writes that the ball is in Royce White's court in his standoff with the Houston Rockets.

SEASON REPORT CARD. Ubben gives us a B- for the football season, and it seems about right.

SAD IRISH FAN IS SAD. Jason Kirk talks with the other star of Monday's BCS National Championship, the sad Irish fan.


UNDERWHELMING. David Ubben looks at how bowl season went for the Big 12.

BIG 12 #2. Despite the underwhelming bowl season, the Big 12 moved up to #2 in ESPN's conference power ranking.

KINGS HEADING TO SEATTLE? Rumors abound about a deal to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle, varying from, it's not really happening, to it's a done deal.