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A Letter To Texas and Preview of Sorts

Jamie Squire

Dear Texas,

In anticipation of Saturday's game, we wanted to write you and let you know that whatever happens in Hilton Coliseum this weekend, don't take it personally. You see, we Iowa State fans are none too happy right now. Since you were blowing a 10-point lead to West Virginia at about the same time we had #6 Kansas on the ropes in Allen Fieldhouse, you probably didn't see the heartbreaking fashion in which our beloved team lost to the Jayhawks on Wednesday night.

It's been a few days, but the pain is still there and the only thing that will make it go away is a resounding win over our next opponent, which just so happens to be you. Let me put it in terms that you might better understand. Picture it's October in Texas and your football team just lost to Oklahoma (something you've become quite accustomed to lately). You sure are sore about it and all you want to do is just beat up on the next team you play and get back to the winning ways. Well that's how Cyclone Nation feels right now!

Now, we're not asking anything from you or making any special requests. Why, we just want you to continue to play your game.That's right, just be you, Texas. By all means, please continue to only score 64.2 points per game and shoot 40.2% from the floor (good for 9th place in the conference by the way in both categories). Don't worry about only knocking down 29.8% of your three point attempts or the fact that you average more turnovers (16.7) than assists (12.0). We Cyclone fans are perfectly okay with that. We just want you to be comfortable and enjoy the sights and pleasant simplicity of Ames, Iowa.

I do want to point out that we're pen pals with Baylor and West Virginia, and not to be a gossip, but they have told us you can be a little defensive (#1 FG% defense in the country). You're not going to believe this, but Baylor went so far as to say they weren't ready for how defensive you were going to be. Shocking right? You'd think those Bears with all that talent they have would come to play, but that's just Baylor being Baylor for you, right? Anyway, we just want you to know that you can let your guard down, sit back and enjoy the show we've prepared for you.There's going to be a lot of long range shots and some fast breaks and even though there will be 14,000+ in attendance, we'd like nothing better than for your team to help out with some "audience participation". It's pretty simple really. Just continue to hand our young men the ball and then try and not get in the way when the Cyclones are trying to score. You think you could do that?

Really Texas, you don't want to be a bad guest, do you? And not to bring up the past, but you probably owe us one after the refs we gifted you a game in the Big 12 Tournament last March that allowed you to sneak into the NCAA tournament. So what do you say, Texas? Iowa State will continue to be Iowa State and score a lot of points and Texas will continue to be Texas and not score a lot of points. This is good for both of us!

You don't need to write us back, but just let us know what your answer is at 1 PM on Saturday and we'll go from there. Safe travels to Ames and before I forget, remember to pack a coat. It is January in Iowa after all.

Best regards,

Wide Right & Natty Lite

PS - If you can make sure that Sheldon McClellan continues to only shoot 28.8% from outside and only 35.7% overall, we'd appreciate it.

PPS - The "S" is silent in Georges. Just thought I'd let you know since you're going to be hearing his name A LOT on Saturday afternoon.

Game Info

Texas 8-7, 0-2 @ Iowa State 10-4, 0-1

Saturday, January 12th - James H. Hilton Coliseum in Ames, IA - 1 PM CT

Television: ESPNU

Radio: Cyclone Radio Network

Statistical Leaders:

Texas: Scoring - Sheldon McClellan, 15.2 PPG Rebounding - Jonathon Holmes, 7.7 Assists - Javan Felix, 6.5

Iowa State: Scoring - Will Clyburn, 14.2 PPG Rebounding - Melvin Ejim, 9.3 Assists - Korie Lucious, 5.1


Iowa State 74 - Texas 62