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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/11/13

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STAT PREVIEW. As always, for a good stat-driven preview of Iowa State hosting Texas, Kirk Haaland has you covered.

POSSESSION. Kirk also breaks down how Iowa State uses their possessions.

AMES IS FANATICAL FOR CFB. The home of Iowa State checks in at #8 on the list of most fanatical (per capita) college football towns in America.

SHRINE FOR KLEIN. AJ Klein has been invited to the East-West Shrine Bowl.

CAMPOS HOLDING UP. After the initial shock of matching up against elite athletes at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl(no offense to CIML ball), Jake Campos adjusted well.

DUAL SUCCESS. Iowa State is performing well both on the court/field and off of it.

FOUL/NO FOUL. A reminder that even the geniuses at Harvard can't even determine if fouling or not fouling while up three is the correct decision. Cody Westerlund of the Ames Tribune obviously disagrees.

IT WOULDN'T HAVE MATTERED IF... Randy Peterson points out how moot the foul/no foul debate would have been if any of these other things would have happened differently.

PARTIALLY REALIZED POTENTIAL. The heartbreaking loss to KU revealed the true potential of an underachieving Cyclone squad.

LOST AMIDST THE SADNESS. A look at how Iowa State managed to neutralize college basketball's best shotblocker in Jeff Withey.

HEY, AT LEAST ONE ISU PLAYER HAD A GOOD BOWL GAME. Ernst Brun makes David Ubben's All-Big 12 bowl team.

CHANGES AT OSU. Joseph Randle is gone to the NFL, while Glenn Spencer has been promoted from LB coach to replace Bill Young. Both these things have Cowboys Ride For Free in emo mode.

BOWL DECLINE. Stewart Mandel investigates the declining attendance at bowls and possible changes.

SMALL BOWL SURVIVAL. Steven Godfrey explains how small bowls can survive with the new playoff system about to happen.

ATHLETES AND TWITTER. USA Today's Nicole Auerbach explores the pros and cons of athletes being on Twitter.