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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/17/13

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NIANG'D. Georges Niang delivered a clutch layup with 2 seconds left to defeat West Virginia 69-67 after Iowa State choked away a double digit lead in the second half. Video is included.

THE HOIBERG & HUGGINS SHOW. Both coaches discuss the frantic ending to Riot Ball I.

CLYBURN DUNKING. Will Clyburn delivered Sportscenter worthy dunks in yesterday's game.

PREP SCHOOL BENEFITS. Georges discusses what going to prep school did for his game.

BUBU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG. The reinstated Iowa State guard talks about his charges and his return.

ANOTHER RECRUIT SWITCHES. New Cal coach Sonny Dykes has managed to convince former Iowa State commit Vinnie Johnson to stay in-state.

ALL ABOUT HALLIE. Hallie Christofferson is featured in depth on the Big 12 conference's website.

MANTI FALLOUT. The original Deadspin story caused shockwaves, then Manti Te'o is still saying he was hoaxed just like everyone else (so, at the very least, he lied about ever meeting her), then Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick is standing behind Te'o's improbable story. After that, you have Arizona Cardinals fullback Reagan Maui'a saying Lennay Kekua is real, and then this odd story from the South Bend Tribune on how Te'o's family was involved/clueless. Then there's that whole "maybe it's a coverup because he's gay" theory which may or may not be ridiculous.

CHIP'S GONE. Chip Kelly changes his mind again and goes to the Philadephia Eagles, and Spencer Hall answers all the important questions about his departure. Meanwhile, Bruce Feldman looks into how much of a toll Chip's system takes on QBs.

STAYING AROUND AND HAPPY. Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens have a lot of respect for each other, maybe partially because they're on similar career paths.

CONCEPTS, NOT ROUTES. A study of how a more vague concept system is the backbone of the Patriots' success. Interesting read.