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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/18/13

HILTON MAGIC IS REAL. Steve Malchow checks to see if the numbers back up the presence of Hilton Magic.

GETTING HIS CHIP KELLY ON. Jalen Barnes decommitted from Iowa State for Houston earlier this week, but is apparently having second thoughts about Houston.

BABB'S GOING HOME. The addition of TCU to the conference means Chris Babb gets to play in front of his family. This also means that the Cyclones' dinner tonight will be at Babb Bros BBQ and Blues.

JB'S A REDBIRD. Not straying too far, Jared Barnett is headed to FCS Illinois State. Thanks for the memories and best of luck to him.

MORE THAN A SHOOTER. Everyone knows Iowa State signee Matt Thomas can shoot the rock, but there's more to his game than just long distance sharpshooting.

BEST GAME ATMOSPHERES. David Ubben ranks the best Big 12 in-game atmospheres of 2012. Of course, since he never attended an ISU game, we don't make the list.

MORE MANTI. Pete Thamel publishes quotes from a September interview with Manti Te'o where he is VERY sketchy about some details, Pat Forde is somehow buying Notre Dame's explanation, even after Te'o's people passed up the chance to beat Deadspin to the punch, and now former teammates are claiming Manti was in on the hoax.

WHY DOES IT ALL MATTER? Andrew Sharp looks at how this situation is the definition of insanity, while Jason Kirk examines why we even care about this.

THE MEDIA SCREWED IT ALL UP. Deadspin lists all the things that the media screwed up in coverage of Lennay Kekua.

WE'RE RICH! The Big 12 tops all conferences in revenue per school.

EXPANSION? Bob Bowlsby says the Big 12 might be proactive in expansion and one theory is that Miami is interested.