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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/2/13

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RALLY AGAINST YALE. The mens' basketball players were clearly hungover yesterday, needing a furious 2nd half rally to beat visiting Yale. Having to look for Hilton Magic against an Ivy League opponent is not exactly how we wanted to start the New Year.

MISSING ENERGY. Fred Hoiberg has said that he's had to try to "coach energy" the last couple of games.

SAMMY SICKNESS. More on Sam Richardson's flu that rendered him ineffective for much of the Liberty Bowl.

SUPER SENIORS. This group of seniors were largely responsible for turning around the Cyclone football program from the Chizik era.

SADNESS IN MEMPHIS. The loss was disappointing, but the death of a bus driver for the marching band in Memphis is tragic.

BIG 12 OPENER. The ladies are kicking off the Big 12 season tonight by hosting the Texas Longhorns.

"WE DIDN'T WANT YOU HERE." Orange Bowl reps were not very subtle with their unhappiness with having to invite Northern Illinois. Northern Illinois stayed in the game for the first half, but Florida State proved the reps right with a 31-10 victory.


BOISE IS STAYING PUT. This is probably the final blow to the Big East's hopes of staying a viable football conference, as Boise State is staying in the MWC.

BO KNOWS INSANITY. The Nebraska coaches were pretty excited with a missed Georgia field goal yesterday. They still lost handily.

FROM FIRST TO WORST. Dayne Crist talks about transferring from #1 Notre Dame to losing his job at Kansas.

THE DIRTY TWITTER GAME. Small on results, big on fake Twitter followers: the New York Jets!

CLOWNEY'D. Oh, if only we could have defensive linemen like South Carolina's JaDaveon Clowney.