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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/21/13

MEN TAKE FT. WORTH. The Iowa State men's basketball team went down to Ft. Worth and came away with a 63-50 win over TCU. The game was ugly in stretches but still had enough highlights to generate a 4:00 minute plus video.

MCGEE IS MORE THAN ENERGY. Tyrus McGee was instrumental in Saturday's win and is more than a pretty face sixth man.

WOMEN HATE STILLWATER TOO. Stillwater proved to be a house of horrors for the women's team as they dropped their contest to #17 Oklahoma State 71-42.

KAMARI TIME. Bakersfield, California athlete Kamari Cotton-Moya announced his commitment to Iowa State this weekend.

RECORD SETTING TRACK PERFORMANCE. The indoor track and field season kicked off on a high note for ISU at the ISU Open this weekend. Junior Edward Kemboi broke the school record in the 1,000-meter run.

TE'O IS GOING TO NEED A BIGGER SHOVEL. Te'o sat down with ESPN's Jeremy Schaap to clear the air about his non-existent dead girlfriend and is also set to appear on Katie Couric's daytime TV show this Thursday.

NOTRE DAME NEEDS A BACKHOE. Notre Dame's investigation of the Te'o hoax wasn't as deep as originally advertised by the administration.

DUCKS KEEP ON TRUCKIN'. Oregon Offensive Coordinator Mark Helfrich has been promoted to the head coach position vacated by Chip Kelly. Scott Frost has been promoted to Helfrich's old position. That sound you hear is the hundreds of CycloneFanatic posters slitting their wrists after not getting their wet dream of a coordinator.

BAYLOR GOLDILOCKS. Baylor keeps the helmet rage going with their new gold helmets. The new matte helmets are pretty good on their own right.

2013: THEY YEAR OF ODDITIES. Jason Kirk examines some of the strangest match ups in the 2013 college football season. The Natural Weather Phenomenon Rivalry makes an appearance on the list.

MOAR FOOTBALL! Like football and football highlights? Watch this.