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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/22/13

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EJIM THE CONQUEROR. Melvin Ejim has been strong on the boards all year and keeps a bottle of ibuprofen next to his bed to prove it.

DON'T LOOK AHEAD. The men are taking it one game at a time while they focus on this Wednesday's game at Texas Tech.

WHAT IF. Chris Williams looks at the what if scenarios if Jamie Pollard had hired either Jim Harbaugh or Brian Kelly back in 2006 in his Monday Musings. I've heard rumors that Kelly was all but offered the job until it got leaked to the press.

TWITTER FIGHT. Everyone's favorite former coach at Minnesota, Tim Brewster, started some rumors about Mississippi State defensive line coach Chris Kiffin. Kiffin's response is fitting.

SEC! SEC! SEC! Missouri men's basketball coach Frank Haith's time at Miami has been under investigation for awhile now and it sounds like the NCAA is going to bring infractions down on him. A lackluster start to the SEC only gets worse for Mizzou.

WESTBROOK THE TROLL. Here's Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook goaltending the Denver Nuggets' mascot.