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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/29/13

22 YEAR OLD ROOKIE. Will Clyburn is your non-traditional Big 12 Rookie of the Week for the second time on the season.

CLYBURN'S IMPORTANCE. Randy Peterson says Will Clyburn is the key to Iowa State being great.

PRESS CONFERENCE. Players talk about traveling to Stillwater to take on Oklahoma State.

FIVE TOOL BASKETBALL PLAYER. Steve Malchow thinks applying baseball terminology towards Hallie Christofferson is not a stretch.

ANOTHER TYRUS? Chris Williams reports the Cyclones are checking out a 3 point chuckin' Nebraska JUCO.

ROYCE ON ROME. Royce White was on Jim Rome's show yesterday after agreeing to terms with Houston to report to D League. Royce actually came off quite well and it was a stark contrast to the pettiness he's shown on Twitter.

WHY DOES MANTI MATTER? Andy Hutchins writes about why the outcome of the Manti/Lennay/Ronaiah story matters to us.

TEXAS CENTRIC ONCE AGAIN. Whataburger beat out Sonic for top seed among Big 12 restaurant chains.

CASH IS KEY. The Big 12 conference members don't all agree on whether to expand or not, but they do agree that if you aren't bringing in significant dollars, you aren't getting an invite.

'CRUITIN. A rundown of all the major happenings in Big 12 recruiting news with signing day a week away.

FIGHTING IN CONFERENCE USA. Throwing punches while getting teabagged by a teammate is how they roll.

ACY AND UDOH, BROS FOREVER. They're on different teams now, but the former Baylor players are still quite friendly.

GOODELL AMA. The unpopular NFL commissioner decided to do a Reddit AMA, and he got rickrolled by Chris Kluwe. The whole AMA is a good read, as it includes questions such as "If Jonathan Vilma and a dog were trapped in a car on fire and you could only save one of them, what would you name the dog?"

FRED WOULD HAVE SHOT IT. Russian basketball coach is dishing out dimes from passes out of bounds.